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DigiCare is a scandinavian based Technology & IT- Network of consultants.


We delliver motivated and highly skilled consultants to Scandinavia & Northern Europe.



The DigiCare Network has more than 100 members that are all specialists in their own field.

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DigiCare German Tour 2012


DigiCare visited InnoTrans for 3 days & 1 day Husum Windpower to meet suplyers & Clients, and get updated.

Pictures from Innotrans & Windenergy

DigiCare Visits E12 Electronics Fair


DigiCare visited the E12 in Odense to meet suplyers & Clients, and get updated on new tech.



HUSUM WindEnergy 2012 The Leading Wind Energy Trade Fair


P+R Messe, Husum, Germany


Odense Congress Center - Hall A and Hall C, Odense, Denmark